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A high density solution for cloakrooms where space is at a premium. The overall dimensions of the unit are 2280mm H x 1200mm W x 500mm D. The central rail is adjustable. In this photograph it is set so that the upper hanging has a clear drop of 1000mm, and the lower hanging a drop of 1240mm but this can be changed to suit the types of garments to be accommodated. BE WARNED, THE PHOTOGRAPH IS DECEPTIVE!!! The top rail is too high for easy access for an average person, and will require the use of a mobile step-stool for normal use. As a rough guide it is possible to hang between twenty and twenty-five outdoor garments at each level, giving a total of up to fifty coats per unit. Finished in Silver-Grey epoxy. It is delivered KD for simple snap together assembly.


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RACK54 Two Tier Static Coat Rack

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Product Code RACK54